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       * You must be at least 21.   If under 21, medical conditions are reviewed and exceptions made as appropriate.
       * You MUST have a valid, CURRENT (not expired) California State drivers license,  State ID or Passport. 


      * You MUST have all the above.    
      * To You MUST have a VERIFIED Prop 215, H&S §11362.5 California physicians statement regarding medical cannabis  
        Without a verified Prop 215 and valid ID, you will NOT be able to take advantage of medical  cannabis purchases 
                                                                                  which may be more potent than recreational dosages. 
PROP 215 With the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, California voters legalized and approved medical cannabis by 56%, also known as Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420. Fifteen years later in 2011, the Federal government shutdown the 1st Legal California Dispensary and Marin County went from six to zero brick and mortar dispensaries by the spring of 2014.  As recreational cannabis becomes legal across the U.S. the House of Representatives is trying to help make significant changes in how the Federal Government deals with those who are legally following state rules and guidelines.  Today things are getting better for dispensaries but the Feds are now concentrating on busting the growers, and before that their target were the landlords; threatening them with 40 years in federal prison and forfeiture of their property.  Even though we believe that cannabis should be legal for anyone over 18, the failure of Prop 19, in 2010, even though the federal government retaliated against one of the major contributors and Oaksterdam University, it may have been a blessing in some ways as legalizing personal use in California at that time would have brought in more feds and caused a setback to the medical community.  Patience, soon we will reach the TIPPING POINT when the Federal government must honor the choices made by Unites States citizens.  
                                                                   Click here to read more about the history of pot and the past. 
California Proposition 215 & Senate Bill 420

With the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, California voters legalized and approved medical cannabis by 56%, also known as Proposition 215.   In 2003, Senate Bill 420 provided additional patients rights.  
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               It’s PAST-time for the federal government to support the rights of the American people.  
Effective January 2018, California voted on Proposition 64  and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) in November 2017 which legalizes cannabis use for adults 21 years or older.