420 Tours.US  facilitates an unforgettable, high-class, personalized              experience for you to explore your legal California medical marijuana options.

Each 420 tour is unique and created just for you and your medical needs.​
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 You must be at least 21. certain medical exceptions allowed. 
*  WITHOUT a verified Prop 215, H&S §11362.5 California physicians statement regarding medical cannabis, you will NOT be able to enter any cannabis dispensary, view, handle or partake in any marijuana products.  
 No Exceptions Allowed.   Doctor appointments included upon request.
 ANYONE 21 years of age or older
can explore San Francisco Bay Area 
Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries
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The Bay Area has a large number of cannabis dispensaries with a wide variety of services and medictions. Each specializes in specific cannabis strains and has different cannabis menu options, such as smokeables, vaporizables, edibles, drinkables, clones, and paraphernalia. Some clubs have multiple client sales counters, and some allow smoking and or vaporizing on the premises.  Many offer a multitude of free services, such as complimentary Acupuncture,  Chiropractic, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Naturopathy, Reiki, and Yoga sessions, and cannabis education and horticulture classes.  At some dispensaries, clients can earn one gram of medical marijuana by volunteering for one hour to support  cannabis legalization.    
Professional Cannabis Friendly Concierge & Travel Services 
We can make almost anything happen, chill in the city, walk in the redwoods, hang at the beach or celebrating your fantasy 420 wedding! The possibilities are unlimited.  Whether you are unfamiliar with the quickly emerging world of marijuana options, a super 710 extract maker or a ganja guru looking for selective quality medications, let our 420TOURS.US help you find award winners and the best life has to offer.

“HIGH-Class” Services include: 420 guided adventures tours in the Bay Area, Mendocino and Humboldt. Physician appointment referrals, limousine charters, safe access to the best California cannabis dispensaries, vapor and smoking lounges, local cannabis events, concerts, wineries, weddings, hotel and housing recommendations. 

Services for medical cannabis clients are in demand everywhere in California; those traveling by plane have additional challenges to meet.  If you are traveling, we are your dependable connection to locate your medications without delay.  420Tours.US  is here to support the community’s needs.  Many have not had the courage to obtain their legal medical recommendation.  Parents can explore this medication option for children with cancer, epilepsy, MS, ADHD, AIDS and other serious medical conditions.   Wheel chair accessible transportation available.