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Anyone can call to discuss your medical marijuana rights and create the tour to match your specific medical cannabis needs.

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Company Vision/Mission Statement 

It is our privilege to provide the ultimate, individualized, HIGH-class medical cannabis concierge services, guided tours, transportation and accomodations and tours for the Prop 215, California medical marijuana community.  

Our mission is for Prop 215 clients to have fun while gaining a deeper understanding of medical cannabis. We will explore the multitude of options for safely consuming and administering cannabis products, the many strains and associated medical uses, and cultivation information for legally growing at home and so much more. Ferrari 420 Tours expects to set high standards for the cannabis service industry to match. 

Ferrari 420 Tours ~Shared Values  

We are hardworking, responsible, professionally minded individuals with honesty, integrity, and the ability to work together. We take action, provide quality, knowledge, and companionship; helping change the world for the better.  We have sensitivity, courage, compassion, and respect for the earth and universe around us.  We believe you can enjoy the moment and have fun, while showing honor and respect.  We believe cannabis is one of the most important medicines available today and has the most potential for the future of natural medications and benefit of mankind and amimal .

        Are you a dispensary owner, cannabis grower, or offer 
other cannabis services or related products?

  Do you have a unique marijuana related business? 

Would you like to demo your product or share your knowledge?

Give a seminar!  Introduce and promote your product! 

 You must be at least 21. Certain medical exceptions allowed. 
*  WITHOUT a verified Prop 215, H&S §11362.5 California physicians statement regarding medical cannabis, you will
 NOT be able to enter any cannabis dispensary, view, handle or partake in any marijuana products.  
 No Exceptions Allowed.   Doctor appointments included upon request.
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